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The effectiveness of massage has been proven time and again by athletes throughout the world. At ROCK Chiropractic Exeter, we offer massage to clients throughout the area. If you think you would benefit from massage therapy, we encourage you to get in touch with us and schedule an appointment.

Why is Massage Necessary?

The muscles in your body can become injured due to trauma, to inactivity or from other causes. When the myofascial tissue becomes scarred or stiff, it can tighten in a way that is both painful and debilitating. Problems with myofascial tissue can lead to a lack of mobility and can domino into other related injuries or health problems.

Massage is the process of locating myofascial problems and correcting them through applied pressure and specific massage therapy techniques. It can break up restrictions, adhesion and scarring to return normal function to the muscle – and eliminate pain and lost mobility in the process.


Back Massage
Back Massage
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Sports Injury

What to Expect from Your Massage


Properly executed massage therapy promises a return to your full range or movement, vastly reduced pain, and long lasting effects. Joint and muscle pain is usually caused by stiffness and scarring of the muscle and myofascial tissue. Symptoms include a deep ache and a sensitive knot in the muscle. Our talented massage therapists will quickly identify these areas and get to work easing tension, breaking up scar tissue, increasing circulation, and enabling a deep, pain-free relaxation. You may also benefit from kinesio taping, which provides support and stability to joints without restricting circulation or movements.

All our massage therapies are carried out in a friendly, considerate and unhurried manner inside our peaceful Exeter quayside premises

Your Massage Therapist will carefully examine your injury or health issue and locate the areas where the myofascial tissue is not functioning properly. Once located, the Massage Therapist will apply pressure or massage the area to improve circulation, ease muscle tension, redistribute fluid and encourage healing.

Massage can sometimes be uncomfortable as the therapist breaks up adhesion's in areas that are painful or sensitive. However, the overall experience should not be excessively painful. Most clients find that they enjoy the experience of massage, and leave feeling much more relaxed and in less pain than before massage.

What is Sports Massage?

Unlike regular massage therapy, sports massage is specific to the activities the client is engaging in. A runner may need hamstring massage, while a cricket player may need shoulder massage. Our Massage Therapists offer both sports massages specific to your work or sporting needs, as well as overall massage for health and healing. We can provide massage to help heal an injury, to improve your performance or to provide relaxation for overall health.

Massage Specific to Your Sporting Needs

If you are an athlete or an enthusiast who plays sports regularly, our Sports Therapists can provide you with sports massage specific to your needs. In professional athletics, sports massage comes in four variations:

Pre-event massage – Invigorating massage that prepares you for the sport.


Post-event massage – Relaxing massage designed to help you recover following competition.


Restorative massage – Massage given while training to improve outcomes.


Rehabilitative massage – Designed to treat any injuries that occur due to athletics.


Our Sports Therapists can meet all your sports massage needs, including the four variations of sports massage. Just let us know what you are in need of, and we will do our best to assist you.

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